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Pentru ca nu pot vota…scriu!

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Pentru ca nu exista niciun autobuz electoral care sa ma duca din Lagos pana in capitala Nigeriei, Abuja…nu pot vota! Singurul lucru care ma bucura este ca prin imposibilitatea mea de a vota reusesc, absolut lipsit de efort, sa fac parte dintre cei care „saboteaza” un proces electoral absolut democratic insa transformat intr-o hidosenie de catre actiunile celor implicati si contextul in care totul se desfasoara.


Nu sunt detinator de pasiuni politice, ratiunea ma impiedica! Ca un observator impartial, mi-am impartit timpul pe care l-am putut acorda evenimentelor din Romania intre diferitele posturi de televiziune mai mult sau mai putin patimase, si articole de tot soiul. Bombardarea telespectatorului, a cititorului, in fine a electoratului, cu mesaje golite de substanta si viziune politica, pline insa pana la refuz de ura si injurii ma inspaimanta dintr-un singur motiv, acela ca nu reusesc sa imi aduc aminte cum erau lucrurile inainte de toata abrambureala aceasta cu tentativa de suicid a unui fost premier, lipsa de responsabilitate a „premierului plagiator” si transformarea Romaniei in marul stricat al Europei. Pentru ca nu imi amintesc relativa normalitate dinaintea celor ce se intampla, nu imi pot inchipui cum vom reusi sa aducem in prezent ceva ce am uitat…


Constitutia Romaniei ne spune, cu urma de credibilitatea pe care inca o mai poseda, in Articolul 36 ca „cetatenii au drept de vot de la varsta de 18 ani, impliniti pana in ziua alegerilor inclusiv”. Suntem in pragul unui referendum, insa este evident ca Romania, dupa peste 20 de ani de democratie, inca nu este suficient de matura incat sa iasa cu demnitatea nestirbita, indiferent de rezultat.


„Vreau o tara ca afara!”, „Jos Basescu!”, Jos Antonescu si Ponta!”. Mesaje absolut goale, fara insemnatate, care sper sa nu functioneze! Indiferent de rezultatul de pe 29 iulie, tot ce imi doresc, ca simplu cetatean al Romaniei este o tara in care guvernarea sa insemne chiar asta, ca tara sa fie mai importanta decat cei ce o guverneaza, indiferent de nume. Am un singur vot, insa pentru ca nu pot vota..scriu!

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Written by fashionroseblog

July 28, 2012 at 2:42 pm

Romania, a Monopoly game for bullies!

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I have heard a lot of metaphors about what is happening right now in Romania, ok..I am tired of it but I have to use one nonetheless. It seems to me that the monopoly board game is the perfect one. The players however are bullies, not innocent kids. The game was never fair and perhaps nobody was expecting it to be fair. Now, the bullied became the bully!

The game is real, and it’s always been this way, however being a bystander doesn’t help anymore. Everyone is affected and maybe we just don’t understand why that is so.Is it the pace of how things are changing for the worse? Is it the degree to which morals and legality are overlooked? or is it simply because we cannot wrap our brains around how much politics can affect us still?

Unfortunately I think it’s even worse…hope dies last, but we might have just reached that point. There’s no good that can come out of all that is happening. The president will get impeached, then what? Free and fair elections give legitimacy in any functional democracy, but right now nobody considers Romania to be a functional democracy, so what legitimacy can any future president/government have?

Only by watching tv shows and reading the newspapers, seeing roundtables where it’s so obvious that the game is still not over makes me angry. Protests are being organized and I’m proud of that, even if I am not able to be part of it. What I am not proud of is that to me they become meaningless when I see political figures hijacking them, “leading” the protests.

Meanwhile, the economy is a mess, the currency is suffering, the country’s image is probably at a lowest in a  very long time…what’s next?

I have a lot of questions but I’ll probably be left looking for answers for some time to come.

For those of you not knowing what is happening now here’s a good article that will give a briefing worth reading http://krugman.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/07/05/guest-post-romania-unravels-the-rule-of-law/.


By Florin Sandu



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Written by fashionroseblog

July 5, 2012 at 11:27 pm