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In Lagos, every face tells a story…

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In Lagos, every face tells a story…a story hard to see many at times in the darkness, the thickness of the crowds or the “masks of self-protection”, but they do!

The city attracts and holds thousands of new hopefuls every day, new ideals, new lives, new stories. They come from all over the country and outside the immediate borders in search for new beginnings, better ones. Cliches upon cliches, after all it’s the story of every metropolis in the world that feeds on the successes and disappointments of every passing soul, so why is Lagos any different? Young graduates unaware of how reality is. Middle class individuals with aspirations for a big house with a swimming pool and the latest Jeep from Toyota. The rich..no other words needed!

The struggle for survival, in one way or another is palpable, so much so that it chokes many or becomes the companion of others. Okada drivers, Suya sellers, people living off what they make in selling during Sunday market, small shops and hair salons at every step, open gutters /on the other side, rich areas well secured from any possible intruder. All of this is just a mere background for the real battle that takes place in Lagos, and in that battle everybody knows there is only one valid truth…everyone is on their own!

Every face in Lagos tells a story, but nobody has time to read it…


By Florin Sandu


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April 25, 2012 at 10:34 am

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