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Senegal: Abdoulaye Wade and the Goblet of Power 2

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Imagine a “new” Senegal with the old Abdoulaye Wade at its helms, and imagine that the protests and lives lost cannot be a match for the “intricate” ways of politics…It can’t be that hard to imagine that! After all, despite the fact that he didn’t manage to get a majority in the first round of elections, he did get the biggest number of votes (32%) which means he is the front runner for the second round that is to be held this month.

The second man standing is Macky Sall, Wade’s former prime minister and protege, who managed to get 25 % of the total votes casted. However, talks seem to have already started between Sall and other candidates of the opposition in order for him to receive their support in the second round, thus giving him a theoretical better chance of becoming the new president.

This game seems to have been played before…The old vs the new/the past vs the present/the bad vs the promise of good… and what is at stake is the future of a country..ruthless politics at its best! What needs to be noted is that despite the events preceding the votes, the weekend was quite calm, giving hope for the period that is to follow after the second round. However, that might change in a blink of an eye if Wade comes out victorious. Game is still on, until 18 March.

By Florin Sandu


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Written by fashionroseblog

March 2, 2012 at 11:32 pm

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