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Occupy Nigeria- …and the weekend is for resting…!

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The meeting held on Thursday 12th January, in the capital Abuja between president Goodluck Jonathan and the Federal Government representatives on the one hand , and the representatives of the labor unions on the other did not have any concrete results. It seems that the FG and the president were not ready to revert the price of fuel to 65 naira and the LU reps were not ready for negotiations if that option was not on the table, therefore, Nigeria entered its fifth day of strike on Friday.

However, the weekend seems to be meant for a little bit of rest, as the strike has been called off until Monday, even though a meeting in supposed to take place for further negotiations during the weekend. Meanwhile the Petroleum and Natural Gas  Senior Staff Association of Nigeria has announced that it will join the strike on Sunday evening if the price of petrol will not be reverted to 65 naira, threatening to stop the production of oil.

This is all until tomorrow evening, when hopefully there will be more information available.

Florin Sandu

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